Adventures in Avenaria


An Attack on Creston


The day began normally enough, markets opened, and people filtered into the Inn to eat breakfast before heading about their daily chores. Guards stood atop the battlements of the wall around Creston, bored expressions on their faces. Nothing happened here.

They were wrong.

Two of the people manning the walls caught sight of something through the fog that was just beginning to clear from the fields, creating white whorls of vapor as they lifted lazily off the ground. To their surprise, they saw several wooden objects in the near distance. On closer examination, they realized they were siege weapons! Trebuchet and catapults, but there was no warning, no alarm from the Order of the Orb, the group tasked with controlling the border. How could they have possibly gotten by? The Dwarf Olvan, and the Half-elf Vaeriel ran to raise the alarm, when there was a thunderous impact on the wall. The siege weapons started their deadly hail of stone.

The walls shook with the impact, and Olvan looking back saw what should have been impossible. The stones rent a hole in the wall on their first shot! Charging across the field for the breach was a small horde of goblins, and something nobody had seen; red-skinned orcs, who seemed to be directing the small swarm. Olvan raced for the breach, while Vaeriel jumped atop a building, turning to face the breach, and taking aim at any goblin or orc trying to enter the city.

At the marketplace and in the Witch and Flagon Inn, the hammering impact and cracking, rumbling sound of the collapsing wall, alarmed Teleryn away from the prejudiced merchant trying to gouge the Tiefling, simply because of his race. Teleryn looked up, “What the hell?”, and started for the breach in the wall.

Inside the Witch and Flagon, Chamille and Arianna went about their normal duties, until they heard the roar of the wall falling. Both raced to the door, Chamille grabbing a full flagon of ale in passing, and when they saw the breach, Arianna moved to see if she could lend aid to any injured people. Chamille, let out a sigh, and casually, but quickly, drank her ale, before joining the fray.

A pitched battle ensued, but with Olvan and Teleryn holding the center of the breach, aided by arrow fire from both Vaeriel and Arianna, were able to hold back most of the creatures. Chamille aided the battle, using her magic to baffle and confuse many of the goblins. Despite their best efforts, though, several goblins managed to run past, and start for the interior of the city!

Trianna had also been in the market, and ran towards the breach, casting spells at a few of the goblins in the breach, in time to see the goblins who slipped by. She, Arianna and Vaeriel gave chase, using spells and missile fire to stop the goblins before they could cause any real mischief.

Towards the end of the fight, Duke Tralain, along with Arcanus Keanne addressed Olvan, requesting that he, and the other ‘citizens’ that helped with the fight meet with him in the Witch and Flagon.



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