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Avenaria is a lush, and wild land just seeing the rise of humankind. There was a long time of war between the humans arriving after escaping the fall of the old world across the sea, and the dwarves and elves that held sovereignty over the lands before humans came. The time of war ended several centuries ago, which led to the time of tense truce, if not peace. During this time the human numbers grew, and two kingdoms were founded, The Republic of Linande and The Principality of Halinde.

The Republic of Linande is ruled by his Royal Highness Lerenan Varal, who is advised by the Council of Lands, a group of officials from each city and town in the kingdom. Lerenan is protected by the Royal Order of the Wyvern which boasts perhaps the largest collection of mages in Avernia. These 6 wizards are charged with protecting Lerenan and his family at all times, and at all costs. The Order of the Wyvern is bolstered by the Royal Knighthoods. The Order of Blaze, the most militant group is charged with protecting the borders and towns, the Order of the Orb, which is charged with holding the east against the Principality of Halinde.

The August Monarch Titus Unteius Terupo rules the Principality of Halinde from his throne in Halinde proper. The lands of the principality are lush, and fertile, and worked by the many slaves and serfs owned by the lords of the lands. Eschewing caution, the mages of the principality have turned their back on the white magics that most other races, and the Republic of Linande use, and make pacts with infernal and demonic powers to gain access to more powerful magics. It is not uncommon to see beasts that are part of these infernal pacts preying upon the servant class. This unnatural practice has enraged the Elven lands to both the north and south.

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