Important Figures

Important Figures Of Avenaria

His Royal Highness Lerenan Varal IV: the fourth of his name, Lerenan has ruled over Linande for the past 20 years after taking over the throne on his 22nd year. He is much more a student of government than a man of action, and Linande has seen prosperity and growth during his reign. Still many fault him for his lack of knowledge on things martial.

Her Majesty Floria Varal: Wife of Lerenan, and Queen of Linande, she is widely liked for her beauty and largess. She often steps in during heated disputes between the different houses. While Lerenan is better at making sure the lands prosper and creating laws, Floria is accredited with maintaining internal peace in the lands.

The Royal Heirs of Linande: Lerenan Varal V, Thomas Varal, Faisa Varal. Faisa is the eldest of the heirs, and has her mother’s beauty, and father’s mind, currently 15 years old, she does not yet have a match for marriage, but many suitors, none of which Faisa seems interested in, as she is much more interested in learning how to govern the Linande, being the eldest and heir to the throne. Lerenan Varal V is the oldest male heir. The prince is 12 years old, and already shows his grandfather’s traits in his broad build and skill at arms. Thomas is the youngest of the heirs. At 4 years old, he is curious, and mischievous, and already has a knack for getting into areas thought locked or off limits. Many suspect that there is latent magical talent involved, although most just believe him to be very adept at remaining hidden.

The August Monarch Titus Unteius Terupo: Titus is a huge man, and holds what he has by main force. Given his temperament, and the fact that he has not seen the ravages of age after 67 years lead many to believe that he has signed some sort of Infernal pact.

The Royal Consort Resa Siusidia: Titus’ third wife, Resa is fairly plain, but bore Titus three strong sons. She is held behind the scenes in anything resembling a political meeting, and rarely seen outside the royal palace.

The Royal Heirs of Halinde: Domit Clusabid Terupo is Titus’ first son, a Tiefling of abnormally large physique and the son that Titus looks on with the most fondness. He was the result of a liason between Titus, and, by his account, a “Queen of the Abyss.” Domit is almost pitch-black of skin with curling ram’s horns, and blood red eyes and markings. Alerviu Cipianius Terupo is Titus’ middle son, and his biggest disappointment. Born with a physical malady that necessitates his walking with leg braces, Titus has condemned him because of his physical weakness. Alerviu is mentally sharp and has trained to become a conjurer of some note. Mitus Alecus Terupo is the youngest male heir, and as of this is still a babe, too young to be of note. Titus does have one female child, Pidia Terupo, by all accounts an astonishing beauty, and rumors talk of her kind and charitable nature.

Duke Ummor Tralain: Currently the Duke in charge of the city of Creston. His grandfather won the title for his service to the crown, and Ummor carries on that tradition. A tactical mastermind, he has held off incursions from the Elves as well as goblinkind. He is much beloved by the people.

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